Thursday, May 5, 2016

Mer-Charmer is now on NetGalley for review!

If you are a NetGalley member who enjoys upper middle grade fantasy, I'd love for you to consider reading and reviewing Mer-Charmer via NetGalley.  You can follow the link to Mer-Charmer on NetGalley here.  It's the second book in the World of Aluvia series, but it can stand alone, so don't feel that you must read book one first (Fairy Keeper), though it will give you a richer understanding of the world and the characters.

This is also a great moment to remind readers that reviews make a huge difference to all authors.  Word of mouth matters.  I think it's pretty fantastic that in today's super savvy online media world, that every single reader can make such an impact by leaving feedback on Amazon, Goodreads, and Barnes and Noble, not to mention all the social media options.

You really make a difference. Thank you for taking the time to read our books, but also for taking the time to share about them with your friends!


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