Friday, May 1, 2015

Update! Tulips, Legos, and Book Sales, Oh My!

Life has been pretty busy, but a lot of fun.  We recently traveled to Holland to see the tulips and visited a wooden shoe and cheese farm, which was pretty neat.  We also bought a lot of delicious cheese!

Tulips in Holland, photo by me.

I also had the great honor to present to 5th grade classes at Ramstein Intermediate.  The librarian there was so welcoming to me and the students were wonderful.  I lost my voice halfway through the week, though, so I missed speaking to four classes, but hopefully will get to visit them another time soon!

My banner up at the library!

In other news, my book went on sale this week for two days and I was shocked by how great the response was!  There was a period of time where Fairy Keeper was #1 on Children's E-Books and #1 in all children's Fantasy and Science fiction and it hit #79 overall in the Kindle store.  CRAZY!  And a lot of fun while the sale lasted!

I hope the people who bought it enjoy it!

And I took my youngest to Legoland with her Girl Scout troop.  We spent the night in tents there and let me tell you, it still gets cold in Germany at the end of April!  But the girls had a great time, so that was worth it.

WildStar/Lucy at Legoland, Germany. Photo by me.

So that's my update and I'll be posting again soon in Sharon Bayliss's Mama (and Papa) Writer Blog Hop!  So I hope to see you back here to read about how fitting writing in when you have kids!

Thanks for reading, awesome people!


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