Monday, June 3, 2013

New Postings for the Summer: LS 5603, Literature for Children and Young Adults, TWU

One of my summer library science classes at Texas Woman's University, LS 5603- Literature for Children and Young Adults, requires book reviews throughout the semester.  Happily, we can use blogs we already have, as long as we clearly mark which postings are for class.  I figured, why reinvent the wheel?  I already have a blog that deals with literature for children and teens!

To be especially clear, all posts for the summer will be for LS 5603.  You will notice that the type of review I do will be quite different as well.  This will be for a graduate class, so instead of being primarily my personal opinion, I will be analyzing the work, offering up other reviews and more.  It will be a great tool for me to work with this style of book reviewing.  I'm looking forward to it ! I will also put the class number in every posting related to it, for clarity.  I will be reviewing everything from picture books to YA, so this will be a really fun summer!


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