Thursday, May 9, 2013

The Joys of a Good Ending-- and the Pain of a Bad One

I haven't written in a while.  There are a few reasons for that.  First, I was finishing up a semester of graduate work.  I'm nearly halfway through my program!  Yay!

But mainly, it's because I try to only give positive book reviews on this site (that may change in the future) and the last FIVE young adult books I've read have not met the Positive Book Review Rating.  Nope.  For most of them, they did just fine until the ending.  Well, there was one book-- the first in a pretty big series (it's really upper MG)-- that I found to be quite bizarre and hard to follow from about mid-way, but for most of them, it was the ending that ruined it for me.  Then...nope.  No go.  No believability.  Or in one case, an absolutely horrible ending to a character that I did not feel was appropriate to foreshadowing throughout the book...and it wasn't like a cool twist.  It was more like a betrayal.  That was the end of the third book in a trilogy, too.  BIG FAT books, to boot. 

So, my next entry will be about a book I love, but it probably won't be about one I just finished.  I will have to reach back to one of my favorites, perhaps, or go find another book to read sometime in the next week to post about!  Just touching base so you don't think I've stopped reading!  NEVER!

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