Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unravel Me- A Review

As soon as I saw that Tahereh Mafi's sequel to Shatter Me was out--Unravel Me--, I immediately bought it via Kindle.  I actually prefer reading from a print book still, but the convenience of one-click purchasing and immediate download is great.  At any rate, Unravel Me is book two and does pick up pretty much where you leave off.  I found I needed to go back and reread the last few chapters of the last book because there's not a lot of attempt of filling us in...this is not a series where you can hop in and get sort of the background woven in, like the early Harry Potter books.  You need to know what's going on right away or you'll be lost. 

Again, Ms. Mafi's writing steals the show.  There is not one cliche in the entire book and her way with language is as unique as it is impressive.  Sometimes, it's almost too over the top for me, but mostly she keeps the pretty words from being too distracting for someone as prone to notice beautiful prose as me.  I will reread it just to slow down this time and savor the language.  I read it quickly the first time to see what happened.  This was a two-sitting read, only because I bought it later in the evening than I normally would have.

I don't love the main character, truthfully.  She irritates me a good bit, but I think that's one of Ms. Mafi's impressive skills-- keeping a reader when  a main character is making poor choices or wallowing in self-pity is tough.  But she does it.  And there are some plot twists (no spoilers here so soon!) that I'm not sure I fully believe fit this character...but there is a make-out scene so steamy that I'm willing to look the other way and say I believe it.  If you have a younger child reading these because of the super-hero aspects of them, do be aware there is violence and lots of sexual tension at times.  Lots of both.

The one thing I struggled with is that every time someone's gift is mentioned or revealed, I was mentally running through my file of Marvel or D.C. comic superheroes to see who they matched. Oh, there's Rogue.  Oh, there's Mr. Fantastic.  No one is Kitty Pryde, though.  I will give that spoiler, because she has always been my favorite X-Men and favorite superhero ever.  I'm glad no one had a quite gift like hers.  I would have been distracted.

At any rate, I really enjoyed this one and will most definitely buy the next one.  The last couple of pages of the final chapter were a very promising set-up for what I assume will be the final book!

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