Sunday, July 29, 2012

MLS the works

I am excited to announce that I have begun my Master of Library Science degree from Texas Woman's University (TWU), with an eye towards becoming a school librarian in a few years.  I love books and love kids, so it seemed like a logical choice.  I'm finishing up my first two classes now, and I've learned so much!

My studies this semester have taught me a lot about the difference between book selection and book censorship and how easy it is for librarians to self-censor book choices in order to avoid controversy.  I've also learned that librarians are generally fierce defenders of the First Amendment, which includes the right to receive information, and the courts have ruled that children have this right as well, and that this right does not end just because they are in a school library.  So, a school library has the unique mission of supporting the school curriculum, but it also is there to support children's love of reading and their right to read age-appropriate materials in the library even if not everyone agrees with the ideas in the books.  I'll be reading some of the more frequently challenged MG and YA books out there right now to see what's going on.

As I review books here now, I am doing so partly as a reminder to myself of what I've read and what I, personally, thought about it and things I noticed about it.  It's not an official book review of the type you might see on Good Reads.  There are many great reviews there and I highly recommend that site if you aren't already a member.  :)


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