Saturday, March 26, 2011

Marketing for Introverts

I have recently been pondering what life would be like if indeed I sold my MG novel and needed to promote it. When my child's teacher asked people to come in and speak for career day, I signed myself up as a writer (which I am) and was honest about the "for the assessment world" part. But I really signed up so I could practice talking about writing in front of kids. I think it will be quite different than doing it as their actual writing teacher, which is how I've experienced it before.

But I'm super excited because I just found (thanks to the awesome Nathan Bransford) this great site on marketing for introverts, called Shrinking Violets Promotions. I can't wait to dive into their site and see what they have to say. A quote posted on this site that I found very encouraging (and hilarious):
Just write your heart out. I promise you that's what matters. I would much, much rather find a great, unusual, distinctive book by a phobic writer covered in oozing sores who lives in a closet than a decent but not amazingly original book by the world’s best promoter. I could sell the former a lot better, too." Elizabeth Law, Publisher, Egmont USA

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