Saturday, January 22, 2011

When Work is Busy

January through March is one of the busier seasons for me as a writer for assessments. This is normal. During this season, I usually do not even attempt to keep up with my "own" writing. What's interesting to me is that this year, I still can't get my own stories out of my mind. I think this is a good sign. Before, they just got shoved to the backburner and forgotten about in the frenzy of work. But's like spending time on my own work is a reward I offer myself after spending several hours writing test passages or items. I enjoy writing those, too, (sometimes) but it is a different kind of thinking process and I know that in the end, I'll sell all my rights and never see them again.

I have purchased three posterboards and a bunch of sticky notes in honor of the "index card plotting" method described by several bloggers, but in particular, the post on Adventures' in Children's Publishing on A Writer's Plot Board. I did this right before the big influx of work, planning on plotting out my completed first draft of my current WIP and maybe using it as I think through what might happen in my next story, especially now that I've figured out my original high stakes problem just isn't going to work. Very exciting. I love little post it notes, so I figured this would be great fun as well as very helpul.

It hasn't happened yet. I did attend a great Webinar through Writer's Digest on Strong Beginnings and learned that the beginning to my current WIP still needs further crafting. So I keep pondering it and that whole story...but can't work on it quite yet. It feels really good, though, that I want to.

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