Sunday, November 14, 2010

A brilliant idea by someone else

Okay, this is why it is good to read agent and editor blogs. I was reading The Rejectionist, which is really just a funny little vent about how she overuses certain words when she writes and how frustrating it is. I don't often read all the comments, but I was scrolling down through them and found someone who said, "OOh, for those words you overuse and you know you overuse them, Gary Corby posted on how to use autocorrect to self-correct those words in his blog!" And so I clicked and read and went, "HOW COOL!" Whether or not I'll do what he suggests, I don't know, but I think it's hilariously brilliant to have Word autocorrect an overused word to "NO! NO! NO!" Check it out "Autocorrect is your Friend," thanks to a smart commenter on the very smart Rejectionist's blog.

ETA: Another super-awesome cool post by the same dude, who is clearly way more tech savvy than I am. I have tried searching for "was ___ing" (was walking, was talking, etc) so I could make them all stronger, but couldn't figure out how. Gary Corby has the secret in his post, "Advanced Searching in Microsoft Word"! Go! Read! Then write! And then Advanced Search! And Edit!! Whoohoo!

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