Monday, July 19, 2010

How NOT to be a Helpful Critique Partner

Yesterday after I posted about being a critique partner, I was reading a blog called The Undeveloped Story, by Melissa, a fellow writer on the journey. She has a recent post that illustrates perfectly what a BAD critic can be like. I think anyone who plans on critiquing could really benefit from seeing how it feels to receive such an unhelpful critique-- thanks, Melissa, for sharing.

I thought it went perfectly with yesterday's topic and asked her permission to link to her blogpost.

Critic Boy Strikes Again

Check it out and enjoy the rest of her blog while you are there!


  1. I'm really glad I can help someone by sharing my awful experiences with the bad critic. Hopefully, nobody has to encounter someone like Critic Boy. :) Sometimes, you have to know when to cut those critics loose and find someone who really knows how to critique.

  2. Sadly, I think anyone who has written for very long has come across this kind of critic. I know I have. Hopefully, we can help those writers know they aren't alone and that they can and should move on to someone else!

    Thanks again, Melissa, for sharing!!


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