Monday, June 15, 2009

Writer's Block

I'm not sure if this is writer's block, but I don't want to write these days. I just want to immerse myself in other people's books and focus on homeschooling details. Yet I've also got Orsen Scott Card's book Writing Science Fiction and Fantasy open on my nightstand...and I have plans to attend a one day workshop in Austin on fiction writing (in October.) So, even though I'm doing next to no writing, maybe my brain is still working on things. At a very deep level. That I'm just totally unaware of. Maybe? :) So, that's why there's been no posts for six weeks. I think that if I DO get an urge to write, I'll direct it towards working on a manuscript or journaling instead of this blog, so I probably won't be writing many posts in the near future. Just letting you know.


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