Saturday, March 7, 2009

Revise or Draft?

Tonight I'm torn. I have one complete draft of a fantasy middle grade novel that I know needs a good amount of work during revision. I am also drafting a second manuscript, a contemporary YA, and I want to keep working on that, too. I bought a new book called Novel Metamorphasis, by Darcy Pattison, on revising, that is calling to me, too. I love stuff that makes you roll up your sleeves and draw on your text...boxes, highlighters, you name it. My husband is at the movies and the girls are asleep-- it's the perfect time for some serious work getting done! But I'm just not sure which kind. Stephen King says he drafts in the morning on his current project and then uses the afternoon for revision on whatever project is under revision at that time...but I'm not Stephen King and my pockets of time that are silent and full of possibilities are few. So...I think I'll draft and see where it takes me...I think that when I quiet myself and listen to my heart, that's what it's telling me to do first. So off I go...

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