Sunday, March 8, 2009

Novel Metamorphasis

Novel Metamorphasis is a book by Darcy Pattison (who wrote The Wayfinder, which I read because she wrote this book and I wanted to see what her writing was like before I bought it) all about revising a complete manuscript. Mine is still pretty rough, but I think it counts as complete, so I started in on her book today. It's WORK! But the very good kind of work. Trying to write down just one thing that is the heart of my story is almost as hard as writing a 25 word sentence describing my story. Tonight I spent time writing out one sentence summaries of each chapter with another sentence describing the primary emotions in each chapter (again, much harder than it sounds)...she has a little form to help you and everything. So far, the book is well worth the money and I've only done two of the exercises! So I'm feeling very good tonight! May your own writing work be enjoyable tonight! You may want to take a look at her workbook here:

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  1. Gosh, that sounds really hard! You're so dedicated!!


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