Saturday, March 14, 2009

Genre Fiction

I must confess: when someone asks what my manuscript is about, I hem and haw. I really don't want to say it is has anything to do with shape shifters. I love books about vampires, shape shifters, witches, you name it. Fantasy, sci fi, paranormal romance, whatever. Love them. But somehow, spitting out the words that I have written one feels like trying to chew up a whole pumpkin all at once. Is this pride? Stephen King talks about this in his novel On Writing-- that shame that he felt as a writer of trade fiction...until he finally decided this was just what he was made to write and he got over it. (I do love S. King.) I have great admiration for literary works, novels full of beautiful language that just sings on the page and deal with Greater Truths. But the truth is...I don't read many of those. What do I read? Fantasies, science fiction, paranormal romance...

For those of you who write, do you struggle with this, too?

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