Friday, March 6, 2009

About my (now) three favorite writing blogs

My very favorite writing blog is:

Nathan Bransford is an agent who, for some reason, feels called to help us newbie writer types with all sorts of amazingly helpful info. He's like Spiderman for writers, especially new ones. His blog posts are short, helpful and hilarious. I highly recommend. Furthermore, I somehow managed to sign up to get the blogs right to my inbox, which is great because I'm often too lazy to go check out other writer sites that I know would be really helpful. Nathan B. is also one of the few agents I've read of who will take email queries. Definitely check out his FAQ section...he has excellent examples of good/bad query letters, general rules of the game, and thoughts on the publishing industry at large. He is also the reason I have considered maybe one day owning a Kindle or something like it-- a huge leap for me!

Next, Cynsations, by Cynthia Leitich Smith is chock full of interviews, articles and helpful information on writing, especially for the world of children, middle grade, and YA writing! Many wonderful links to other writing resources and blogs are present. It's a very professional site.
I have had the pleasure of meeting Cynthia in person at a writing event and she is just incredibly kind and enthusiastic-- one more reason to support her blog! I've learned a lot from reading her interviews with agents and editors, learning what differnet people are looking for and not looking for right from their own lips. Her site is a treasure trove not to be missed. It's so much information that at first it can be overwhelming if you are a research hound like me, because you know you can spend hours and hours and still have more to read and learn.

In combination, these two sites work really well for me. I get short almost daily information from Nathan Bransford's site, sometimes on writing and sometimes on the publishing world, and when I get time, I delve into Cynthia's site for lots of practical tips, useful articles and interviews, and tons of links to other delicious blogs and resources.

A new site I discovered just TODAY thanks to Nathan's site is

I can already tell I am going to LOVE her posts-- there is a very encouraging post about the stay-at-home-mom years and an excellent post on why it's important to read and learn about the publishing business and individual agents and editors before you start trying to query everyone under the sun. Thanks to Nathan for sharing Rachelle Gardner!

Check them out!

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